About PA Post

Who We Are

PA Post is a digital-first, citizen-focused news organization to hold Pennsylvania’s government accountable to its citizens.

The mission of PA Post is to connect Pennsylvanians to their state, and each other, with accountability and deep-dive reporting that is multimedia, digital-first, audience-focused and distributed statewide.

PA Post will deliver legislative, policy and politics reporting through a network of commercial and non-commercial media organizations assembled to create and deliver multimedia digital coverage.

PA Post was launched by WITF Public Media, a 501(c)(3) organization with more than 50 years of experience covering the Commonwealth’s legislature, state agencies and state issues.

WITF Public Media serves as fiscal agent for PA Post, and PA Post therefore adheres to the same Ethics and Integrity Policy (adopted by the WITF Board of Directors in 2016) which governs such issues as editorial integrity and independence, financial transparency, and user privacy. The WITF policy is here.

WITF’s mission is to strengthen our communities by connecting us to each other and to opportunities for lifelong learning.